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Institutional Relations and Legal Affairs


We carry out lobbying in the conviction that free enterprise and the freedom of economic activity, in a market economy, are factors that promote development and progress in the whole society.

To this aim we represent the requests and proposals of the industrial sector in its relations with institutions, with economic, political and social organizations and with all the other components of regional society.

The Institutional Relations and Lobbies department deals with the legislative activity of regional matters that are of interest to companies, concerning, in particular

  • The environment and energy
  • Land use, urban planning, the construction industry
  • public procurement and contracts, local public services
  • health
  • employment (the Jobs Act, internships, apprenticeships, promotional policies, social welfare)
  • safety in the workplace


We have institutional dealings with 

  • European Union (Commission and Parliament)
  • Government
  • Region (Regional Council and Legislative Assembly)
  • Regional Agencies: Arpae, Regional Employment Agencies, Civil Protection Agencies,
  • Taxation Agency, Emilia-Romagna regional office
  • Customs Agency, Emilia-Romagna & Marche regional offices
  • INPS regional office (Italian Pensions Office)
  • INAIL regional office (Italian government agency for insurance against work-related injuries)
  • Prefectures
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Fire department
  • AUSL
  • Regional ABI (Italian Banking Association)
  • Universities


Finally we undertake direct assistance to companies on regional matters.

The documents published on the Italian web page refer to some of the main matters of interest to companies that we have dealt with in meetings and conferences at various levels with the Emilia-Romagna Regional Council.

To formulate our policies on matters regarding industry and development we make use of Thematic Commissions composed of representatives from companies all over Emilia-Romagna.


Further information in Italian language